Sunday, March 18, 2012

Rain Drops and Giants...3/18/2012

The weather has turned here in Arizona.  The storm that rolled through San Diego yesterday hit us at around 4am (from what I'm told) this morning.  The folks in Scottsdale tell us the game will be played between the Padres and Giants, but whether or not it will go uninterrupted is another story.  Stay tuned.

Padres lineup:

CF - Cameron Maybin
RF - Chris Denorfia
3B - Chase Headley
LF - Jesus Guzman
1B - Yonder Alonso
SS - Jason Bartlett
 C - Yasmani Grandal
2B - Andy Parrino
SP - Edinson Volquez

This will be Volquez's third spring start.  He's scheduled for 4 innings today.  In his previous 5 innings of work, he's allowed 3 runs and 3 hits.  Volquez seems happy with his spring to this point, and looks comfortable in Padres clubhouse.  Darren Balsley worked on a few mechanical adjustments early in camp, and so far so good.  Volquez is only 28 and after his injury (Tommy John surgery) is young in innings as well.

We could see, depending on the weather and the game, Casey Kelly throw some innings today in Scottsdale.  Also on the list are Micah Owings, Anthony Bass, Dale Thayer and maybe former Giant Alex Hinshaw.


I just have to mention how much I enjoy our morning sessions with Buddy Black.  The manager treats us very well, and that's not always the case in every clubhouse.  Buddy is great to deal with and you most often times leave his office in a better mood than when you entered.   I feel so fortunate to have been able to work with some great managers in my career as a broadcaster.  From Jim Riggleman to Don Baylor, to Dusty Baker and now here with Buddy.  It makes the job fun and a lot easier to do.

Ok, off the soap box and now on to the "nuts and bolts" as we call it around here....

Nick Hundley's side is improving, but not to the point of being able to swing a bat yet.  Hundley was hoping for a Tuesday return, but Buddy Black told us today that there is no official timetable for a return to action.

Orlando Hudson is hitting in the cage today and is closer to returning to the lineup. He's been out with a right groin strain since last week.  Hudson will take today and tomorrow off and could be back in there by Tuesday or Wednesday.

As I mentioned yesterday, with Carlos Quentin out with the knee surgery, there is going to be an opportunity for somebody to grab some playing time.  Buddy Black indicated today, that a number of different players will continue to get a look in LF, including Kyle Blanks, Jesus Guzman, Chris Denorfia, Jeremy Hermida and Mark Kotsay.   Quentin's surgery is scheduled for tomorrow in San Diego.

Quote of the day....

From the old adage 'if you can't laugh at yourself, who can you laugh at?', I zinged myself last night on the broadcast.  At one point talking about the fine line of executing a play or not, I said to Bob Scanlan, "You know they are trying, but people are human...".  Really?  Wow!  I believe those words are going to be carved in stone in the new downtown central library near the ballpark.  Very profound don't you think?

Bob, Jerry and I will have the game for you today (maybe with a little rain delay theater mixed in) from Scottsdale on XX 1090 starting at 1pm.  Join us.


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