Thursday, January 7, 2010

Hall Of Fame, what a shame....

Andre Dawson is the only player heading into the Hall of Fame in the class of 2010.  I do believe that he is a deserving recipient of enshrinement.  I won't get into all the debate about the numbers, but lets just say, one of three players ever, with 400 or more homers and 300 or more stolen bases. 1987 NL MVP for a LAST PLACE team.  49 homers that year.  Congratulations Hawk on a long overdue honor.

He wasn't the only guy that should have gotten in this time around.  Why isn't Bert Blyleven in the Hall?  Why didn't Roberto Alomar get in on the first ballot?  Why is San Diego native, Alan Trammell not even receiving serious consideration?  Then there's Barry Larkin, and Edgar Martinez.  Not to mention Lee Smith.  The answer, well there are many.

First, some of the living members of the Hall of Fame that get a chance to vote, don't take the responsibility seriously.  Numerous members either turn in incomplete or blank ballots.  This is inexcusable.  If you don't want to vote, don't and then the Hall should adjust the percentage needed to get into the exclusive club.

That leads me to my next point.  Some living members of the Hall, feel a sense of elitism.  Nobody should be allowed to join their club on the first ballot.  Nobody.  They somehow feel that because they are in, it should be a chore for others to get in.  That's just great.  There are certainly no-brainers when it comes to first ballot enshrinement, Tony Gwynn and Cal Ripken each come to mind, but if a guy is worthy and deserving based on numbers, VOTE HIM IN.  I don't get this.

Roberto Alomar has better offensive numbers than Ryne Sandberg, and the "great" Joe Morgan.  But he's on the outside looking in, just because he wasn't deemed a "first ballot" guy.  Incredible.  I do know that at least one member of the Hall of Fame takes his voting responsibility seriously.  Mr. Padre studies players numbers, and accounts for the era that the guy played in and other factors.  It doesn't take him long, but at least he puts thought into it.  Then again should anybody be surprised by this?

For some reason, SOME members of the BBWA (baseball writers association) feel the need to become elitist in their thinking and voting.  Why?  I recall one knucklehead in Chicago, didn't vote for Gwynn or Ripken, because he didn't think anybody should be a unanimous choice for election, so he would make sure it didn't happen.  Great.  You are an idiot.  Nice to see he broke Journalism rule #1, don't become part of the story.  This is the problem.  Something needs to be done.  Change the system.  This one isn't working.  To prove my point, somebody even gave David Segui a vote. Come on.

I personally like the way the NFL does it.  A committee discusses a list of eligible candidates, whittles it down to a manageable number, then it's an open debate.  Numbers are "broken down" and talked about. Candidates merits are outlined by people that saw these guys play, and then it's vote time.  You don't see the NFL enshrine just one player per ballot do you?  Deserving players get in, those that don't still may be deserving, but have to wait their turn.  It's a better process than leaving it completely up to ignorant former players with agendas.  Seriously.  

Random Musings...
Heading out of town today with USD hoops, as the WCC season begins with two games this weekend.  Friday night we'll be at Santa Clara, with an 8:30 tip time on XX1090, and then Sunday at San Francisco for a 5pm tip, on XX1090 and San Diego 1700.  Hope you'll join me.

Congratulations to Steve Fisher and the SDSU Aztecs on a great performance the other night, in upsetting New Mexico.  The Aztecs are for real.  I could see them starting to play better team basketball in the second half of the game at the Jenny Craig last month.  The MWC is going to be a fun conference to watch this year.  The Aztecs have a great shot at post season play this season.  Hope they keep it up.  It's great for San Diego basketball!

Oh, yeah, who's up for watching the BCS (one letter too many) National Championship game tonight?  Wonder how many would like to see Boise State play the winner?  I would.  My pick tonight is Alabama over Texas and I hope it's close.  Yawwwwwwn.  Bowl games on January 7?  What happened to the tradition of the bowl season wrapping up New Years Day or that weekend?  Cha-ching.

That's it for now...more to come later!  Have a great day and a great weekend!



  1. Hey Andy,

    I was glad to see Whitey Herzog get in there on the Managers side. Maybe you should apply for membership in the Baseball Writers Association, so you can get them straightened out ?
    Enjoy the USD Basketball games.

  2. Matt B...

    I'll do my best to straighten these guys out. Have several "friends" in the BBWA and am interested in hearing what they think, when I get to spring training next month. Keep you posted.

    Thanks for checking out the blog!


  3. Andy, it sounds like you think players who are enshrined vote in the election of new members, they don't. I agree there are some silly quirks to the voting process, but generally the writers do a good job. Yes, there are some outliers in the voting process (blank ballot when there are qualified candidates, not voting for Rickey Henderson, etc. as you noted), but over time they generally elect the deserving. By and large the Veterans Committee, and its various incarnations, have done the most damage to the membership of the Hall through their cronyism.

    That being said, I find the recent elections disturbing for a different reason. Rice and Dawson are poor picks by the writers. Both are players who have borderline, at best, qualifications. If this is the beginning of a trend, it is a worrisome one.

  4. Pat-

    As I re-read my blog you are correct. I neglected to identify that the living hall of famers only vote in the new veterans selections. I was going to go on that tangent then forgot to go that route. So to clarify, the writers vote on the ballot, and the living hall members vote on the new veterans committee.

    Thanks for the close read and for pointing that out.


  5. Steve Garvey. I keep hearing how he isn't in because of his "off-field" activities, but that can't be right. We'd have to go back and toss Cobb and Ruth out of Cooperstown if that were the case.