Saturday, April 28, 2012

Q&A w/ The game blog....

Once again coming to you from San Francisco, where the Padres and Giants are playing the middle game of the three game series tonight.  

Not doing the radio broadcast tonight, so I've got some time to think about a number of topics, that may or may not have anything to do with baseball.   Ok, let's start, I'll bring up a question, then give you the answer in my opinion, and maybe the opinion of media relations guy, Josh Ishoo....since we don't always agree on things.  Ha!

All of the following answers will NOT include Petco Park in San Diego.

Who has the best press box coffee in the majors?

Andy:  I think that New York (NL) and Boston have the best coffee in the league.  It's Dunkin Donuts after all.  Hands down they have the best in the world!

Josh:  I think it's Seattle, they have real Starbucks coffee.   They have 3 different blends too, not to mention it's the coffee capital of the world.  

- Wow, I thought it was Colombia, where they grow all of the coffee?  

What is the most convenient road park to get to and from the hotel?

Andy: I'm going to say, Pittsburgh.  You can walk to and from the park with ease.  It's an under rated town and it's actually pretty cool walking across the bridges to get to PNC Park. 

Josh:  I agree, Pittsburgh.  It's actually quite scenic to walk there (PNC), it's nice.  

Which park plays the best music?

Andy:  I'm going to say, Wrigley Field.  Why?  Because it's mostly organ music, the way music was meant to be played at a game.  Full disclosure, I do know the organist there (Gary Pressey) and he's a great guy too.  Park without organ music, Pittsburgh.  Like the selection. 

Josh: San Francisco, good stuff. 

Best unique food place on the road?

Andy: Stage Deli, NYC.  Pricy, but a great sandwich, and they are open late night. 

Josh:  Primanti Brothers, Pittsburgh.  This place puts it's cole slaw and fries on the sandwich itself.  

Best baseball game ever witnessed in person, working or not?

Andy:  Game 163 in Denver, 2007.  I know the Padres didn't win the game, but with all the emotional highs and lows in that game, to this day it was the best game I've seen.  Honorable mention:  Cubs beating Atlanta in Game 5 of the NLDS in 2003.  Cubs first playoff series win since 1908. 

Josh: Padres beat the Giants in May 2010 on a Mat Latos one hitter.  Honorable mention:  The NLCS from 2011, covered those games for MLB. 

Ok, there's just a bit of what we talk about in the press box during a game, while we watch Major League Baseball on a daily basis.  We will do this again at a later date! 


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