Friday, April 6, 2012

The Day After....

All is quiet at Petco Park, at least compared to yesterday and the frenzy that is Opening Day.  The red, white and blue bunting is still up, the "Opening Week" logo still shows up on the grass on each foul line, but the second day of the season is like a balloon with the air leaked out of it.  Noticeable is the lack of media here today (not that I'm complaining), no TV cameras, no commotion in the lunchroom, no over flow seating in the pressbox (again, no complaints) and a slightly smaller crowd tonight.  You can tell it's day 2.  

But as someone who invests 162 (playoffs?) games of time into a season, I can understand it. That's why I always talk about how special opening day is.  This is just another game in the marathon that is a Major League Baseball season.  But just because it's "another game" doesn't minimize it's importance, because in the grand scheme of things, this game could be the difference at the end, this could be the reason for a one game playoff, a tie, a close race or a title.  It's that finite.  Remember '07?  I do.  So keep that in mind. 

Alright, my lecture is over.


CF - Cameron Maybin
RF - Will Venable
3B - Chase Headley
LF - Jesus Guzman
1B - Yonder Alonso
 C - Nick Hundley
2B - Orlando Hudson
SS - Jason Bartlett
SP - Cory Luebke

I'll have the call with Bob Scanlan tonight on XX 1090, starting at 7pm.  Join us!


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