Monday, April 2, 2012

Back Home...

First let me say this, I give a ton of credit to those Padres fans that made the drive out to the Phoenix area to see the team during spring training.  If you did the drive a couple of times, even more credit comes your way.  Full disclosure:  in the past, I've driven my car out to Peoria, but then placed it (with the help of the pros) on a transport truck, and flown back to San Diego to avoid the drive.  Last night though, I manned up and fastened my seatbelt and drove back to SD.  I love to drive, but this one seems a little challenging to me.  Growing up in the Midwest, we don't have mountains.  We have hills, and valleys, but no mountains.  We had wind, but not mountain wind.  Yesterday's drive thru the wind was a wild and crazy ride.  I have steering wheel imprints on my palms from gripping so tightly!  Harrowing (at least to me) but I made it!

Ok, now to the news of the day...the Padres have a closed workout today starting at about 1 this afternoon at Petco Park.  I'll be making my way over and I'll update the blog if anything worth reporting comes up.  Not really anticipating an announcement of the final roster cuts today, since Bud Black hinted he may take it up to the 2pm PT deadline on Wednesday to report the roster to MLB.

The Padres will face the Royals in the first of two exhibition games tomorrow night at Petco Park, in a 7:05 start.  Clayton Richard will go for the Padres in his final tuneup before his start in the Sunday game against the Dodgers.   The game will be on XX 1090 and on Fox Sports San Diego.   The two teams then head to Lake Elsinore for a Wednesday afternoon game at the Diamond.  We'll have the game on ESPN Radio 1700 at 2pm.

I'll update you all later...need to unpack and do some laundry today...exciting life huh?


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  1. Andy, enjoying your blog and tweets...keep 'em coming. Oh...and hoping Enberg gets laryngitis for the next 6 months.