Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Ok, so it may not have the luster of say, the season opener at home against the Dodgers, Thursday April 5, but it's always fun to practice right?  Say it with me now, BEAT LA!  BEAT LA!  BEAT LA!  Nice.  So as you guessed, the Padres will face the Dodgers today at the Camelback Ranch facility in nearby Glendale, Arizona this afternoon at 1pm.  Tim Stauffer will face LA's lefty Ted Lilly in this one, with Stauffer scheduled to go 5 innings as he gets ready for the regular season.  Will he be facing the Dodgers on that April 5 opener?  Not sure, Bud Black is not tipping his hand yet, but Stauffer is certainly a strong candidate to be there.

Padres Lineup:

24           Cameron Maybin             CF
1             Orlando Hudson (S)         2B
15           Jesus Guzman                  LF
23           Yonder Alonso (L)          1B
13           Chris Denorfia                  RF
22           James Darnell                  3B
12           Yasmani Grandal (S)        C
2              Everth Cabrera (S)          SS
46           Tim Stauffer                      P

So as you noticed above, Orlando Hudson is playing for the first time in a while.  He's been out since March 13th with a strained right groin.  


Kyle Blanks is still a little banged up according to Bud Black.  He is listed as day to day.  Tough deal for a guy that is trying to earn a spot on the roster.  Blanks does have history with the team, so obviously Black knows what he's getting, but a player always likes to do his talking on the field and make it a much tougher choice for the staff.  Now Blanks has to wait until his shoulder is better. 

Bud Black will be heading to Tucson tomorrow for the split squad game there.  This was the game that was scheduled for last Sunday but was postponed due to impending bad weather.  Casey Kelly is slated to start the game.  The bus to Tucson departs before 8am tomorrow, so we will not have our regular morning session with the manager.  

Today was the start of the anual basketball shout out that the Padres hold just outside the clubhouse near the staff parking lot.  It's usually a great time and a good team building exercise.  Today the coaches took on the relievers and the coaches advanced in the tournament.   Over the years the basketball experience and sharpshooters have left the team.  Chris Young the two sport star at Princeton and Mike Adams are among those former title holders.   It's fun to watch and see how into it the team gets. 

As you've probably figured out about me, I am a HUGE fan of Dunkin Donuts coffee.  Growing up in Chicago there was a DD on every corner basically.  I find out that they are coming to California but only on the Camp Pendelton base which is great for the men and women there, but not for us civilian types.  So every chance I get be it on the road or here in Arizona, I grab one or two every day.  Today I pulled into the DD near the complex, and after first pouring me a cup of decaff (what's the point really?), the clerk poured it out, then began filling my medium cup with regular when the cup sprang a leak.  Feeling bad, the gentleman upgraded me to the BIG BOY, the XL coffee...
It's a tower of coffee, probably more than any one human should drink at one time, but have no fear, I did it.  It's all gone.  Bud Black told me that this is the size that Joe Maddon used to drink on a daily basis when the two worked in Anaheim.  Probably the only thing I have in common with Maddon, but I'll take it.  Please Dunkin Donuts, open some stores in California, so I don't have to buy the stores in Arizona out of their K-cups!!!!!!!

Have a great day, the team is off to Glendale, and I'm off today, so it's Ted, Bob and Jerry joining you at 1pm on ESPN Radio 1700


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