Sunday, March 4, 2012

3:10 and Thru Yuma...

Well, I made it safe and sound to Peoria earlier this afternoon, and I must say it's good to be back.  I'll be making my first trip to the Padres complex tomorrow morning and look forward to seeing the assembled media corps and of course manager Bud Black.   I'll hope to have an updated blog entry describing anything interesting (or not that interesting?) that happens each day.   Now, as they say, half the fun is getting here...

Well as the Talking Heads once asked, "Well, how did I get here?"

The one thing I always dread about heading to spring training is...the packing.  I mean, four weeks is a long time and a lot of clothing.   This is not an easy chore.  This is what it looked like, the night before I loaded up the car...
I managed to pare it down and use only 2 suitcases and a duffle bag to get out here which for an 'over-packer' like me was a pretty good!


Car loaded.  Check.  Full tank of gas.  Check (ouch was that pricey).  Sirius/XM radio working and presets all working.  Check.  Cooler filled with Diet Dr. Pepper and water.  Check.   Alright, ready to go!

Here we go!

The drive as many of you that have done it before is not all that exciting.  I did get the extra special treat of high wind signs, as I wound my way through the mountains of California before the border.   Once I was back near "sea level" the cruise control was set at "an undisclosed speed" and I was on my way.

First stop for me is always Yuma.  I know it holds a special place in the hearts of long time Padres fans, as it served as the old spring training home for the team.  To me now, it's a place to stop and use a restroom, usually at the Carl's Junior, and fill the tank with much cheaper gas!   The 20 minute stop is always welcomed, since it's only another few hours to Peoria.

Next stop Gila Bend.  Again, a quick fill up on gas and a stretch of the legs before the final leg of the journey.  The trip up the 85 North is never without seeing at least 4 of Arizona's finest.  With that in mind the cruise control was set to a "lower undisclosed speed".

The sight of the 10 East sign is like seeing the finish line, just another 30 minutes and I'm there.  And so the trip came to an end.

Some things I noticed along the way...

- As much as I cringe driving the winding roads in the mountains, it's really stunning and beautiful scenery.

- Some drivers need a refresher course on the rules of the road.  The LEFT lane is for PASSING ONLY. The lane is not designed for those who like to just drive at their own pace and cause problems for others.  This means you elderly couple in a tan BMW!

- There is a Brock Research Center (I didn't know some dedicated their lives to research Corey Brock)

- Sirius/XM radio is great for long drives.  Punching between 80's on 8, 70's on 7, 90's on 9, Classic Rewind, Classic Vinyl, 1st Wave, Lithium, Coffee House, MLB Network Radio, and listening to the final few minutes of the Blackhawks/Red Wings game (Hawks win!  Hawks win!) mad the long drive seem not so long.

- Cruise control rules!

So there you go, a little tiny glimpse into my travels to Peoria.  More to come tomorrow and throughout the spring!


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  1. I don't think you realize the full scope of the Brock Research Center. It was founded BY Corey Brock for the study of craft beer.