Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sports Overload Sunday....

I love this time of year, but it's really testing my technology limits! Let me explain. At one point today (now pay attention), I was watching, 4 football games, a baseball game and the President's Cup ALL AT THE SAME TIME!!! It was very interesting. Here's how: Through the marvel of satellite TV technology I watched 3 football games on my laptop, while enjoying the Red Sox/Angels on my TV, with the President's Cup featured in the picture in picture window. Is it any wonder I'm single?

I've got to tell you that maybe the greatest invention ever is the Red Zone Channel, which features a good friend Andrew Siciliano taking you from game to game when they get interesting and when a team is in the...duh, RED ZONE. Great feature to have when you have trouble focusing like I did today. Andrew does a great job as well.

Watching the Chiefs/Cowboys game today, I listened intently to the color analyst and former NFL Coach Brian Billick. He's good. I hated him as a coach, but he knows his stuff. Listening to him explain the subtle rules of the game and why coaches don't challenge certain plays and do on others was very interesting stuff. Stay in the booth Brian, and they won't be able to make anymore of those Coors Light commercials at your expense!

Congrats to the US team in the President's Cup, good to see the rather easy win over the "Internationals" in San Francisco...

Then there was Jonathan Papelbon, the extremely cocky closer of the Boston Red Sox blowing the game in the 9th. After watching his antics in 2007 (remember his lame "River Dance"?), I couldn't help but pump my fist when he gagged the game today. The Angels are a far better team anyway, and deserved to win the series, but come on you know you did the same thing watching Papelbon-bon give it up. Didn't you? Also serves TBS right for allowing the Red Sox TV crew to do that series. Network impartiality, ever hear of it?

More Beantown Bashing...
Sorry to pick on the New England area today, but I also found it nice to see the Broncos and their coach Josh McDaniels beat the "hoodie" in overtime. By the way, as somebody pointed out on Twitter today, why were the Broncos wearing the Padres 1972 jerseys out there today? I've heard of the NFL's throwback weekends, but watching those uni's go up and down the field, it may as well have been an NFL throw UP weekend.

That's about all I've got for you now...MAYBE more later after Twins/Yankees, Rockies/Philies and Indianapolis/Tennessee...



  1. "I couldn't help but pump my fist when he gagged the game today."

    YES I DID!!

    Is it me or have these games been really exciting thus far this post season?

    The Angels are my favorite American league team- since they are not a tam we do not odd we play Toronto next year but not the Angels...strange schedule!

    Glad a friend turned me on to this blog- hope you keep it up especially when the Padres 2010 season starts..and you better be on the air with Jerry next's not Padres baseball without you and Jerry calling the game...Ted can..well retire lol

  2. Phillip-

    Thanks for the kind words, I can't wait to get back into the booth with the guys again next season.

    Good playoff games so far, they've certainly caught my attention. Usually if it's not a game I'm broadcasting or have a rooting interest in, I check out from time to time, but these games have held my attention.

    Check back, I'll do my best to keep the blog current!