Sunday, October 18, 2009

Jack In The Bronx...

That's what "they" are calling this New Yankee Stadium and it's slightly longer than Williamsport dimensions. Ok, before you say it, I know, I know, both teams play there and have the same chances, but come on the Yanks get to play 81 games in the bandbox that replaced the band leader. I also realize this is not why the Yankees won the game, or why the Angels lost the game but it still makes one think.

Key Moments...
For the Angels: Great job by Darren Oliver, the 38 year old lefty (that was pointed out a few times by Joe Buck) to pitch around an absolutely HORRIBLE, potentially game changing call by 2nd base umpire Jerry Layne. The "in the neighborhood" play is there to prevent 2b's and ss's from getting killed with guys sliding into them trying to break up a double play. Way to get your name in the paper (or in this case the blog) Jerry, you were almost "Denkinger-ized". No excuse for that. None.

Maicer Izturis got caught up in the moment thinking he could turn two on a tough play to his left. Get the sure out and live to fight another batter and see what happens. Sometimes players get to thinking "spectacular play" rather than the routine play, or in this case, a sure out.

Vladimir Guerrero left a small village of his teammates on base. I believe the final count was 8. That to me, more than anything contributed to the loss for the Angels.

For the Yankees: What can you say about Alex Rodriguez? There are many who feel as though A-Rod should have been walked, but a lot of managers will tell you it's not good baseball to put on the potential tying run to get to the potential winning run at the plate. The problem with the Rodriguez at bat in my opinion was a poor 0-2 pitch by Brian Fuentes. If you get A-Rod down 2 strikes, you better miss big or expect what happened. #13 has come up large for the Yankees this post-season, and his first row homer tied the ballgame.

Jerry Hairston Jr (older brother of former Padre Scott Hairston) came through for Joe Girardi with a solid single to start the 13th. The Yankees are fairly lucky it ended in 13, since the bench was getting thin, and so was the pen. Did you see who was up? A clean shaven, hardly recognizable blast from Padre past, Chad Gaudin.

So now the Yankees head to Anaheim up 2-0 in the best of 7 ALCS. Game 3 will feature lefty Andy Pettitte for the Yankees, and Jared Weaver for the Angels.

NLCS shifts to Philly...
Philadelphia will be the scene Sunday for game three of the NLCS, with Cliff Lee facing Hiroki Kiroda. The latter hasn't pitched in a while, and has had a tough season. Kiroda spent a bunch of time on the DL, especially after being hit on the head by a line drive in Arizona. His most recent injury though was a bad disc in his neck. We'll have to wait and see what he's got in the tank. It's going to be a chilly one in Philly, temps expected in the mid 40's at game time.

Technology front runners...
The Dodgers are doing a great job of keeping their fans in the moment. The team website ( is filled with celebrity 'tweets' and today features a video tour of Philadelphia by former Padre Mark Sweeney who is now an assistant coach with LA. Sweeney's commentary is good stuff, you should check it out.

Female GM?
Numerous reports have Dodgers assistant GM, Kim Ng (ing) interviewing with Padres brass today. She would be the first female GM in baseball. Read more here at the Padres team site. Corey Brock reported a couple of weeks ago, that Jeff Moorad planned to interview at least one minority candidate.

Alright, that's pretty much what I've got for you tonight...enjoy!


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  1. "The problem with the Rodriguez at bat in my opinion was a poor 0-2 pitch by Brian Fuentes."

    I agree...I saw was right down the middle...could not have served up a sweeter pitch.

    Boy, the Phillies are smashing the Dodgers in the 6th...8-0 so far. Kind of wish it was closer...the games are much better in my opinion if you are on the edge of your seat like last night's ALCS game!


    They stole our chant in Philly...but we have a better BEAT LA towel from this year's Padres gate giveaways!

    Male, female or hermaphrodite if Kim Ng (ing) can bring some of the Dodger secrets to Petco I will welcome her with open arms!