Saturday, October 10, 2009

What Do I Know???

So, the Dodgers do it again. Sweeping another National League Central team right out of the playoffs. It’s amazing to me. I mentioned on our last few broadcasts that I expected the Cardinals to get far into the MLB Playoffs, for 4 reasons. Chris Carpenter, Adam Wainwright, Joel Pineiro and Albert Pujols. Cue the buzzer: WRONG!

Proving once again you never know who might turn out to be a hero for your team in the playoffs. Can you say, Vicente Padilla? Or maybe Mark Loretta? Seriously? I thought that Tony LaRussa was a genius. I thought Matt Holliday would make an impact, not implode. Wow.

My theory of which teams are successful in the playoffs is still treading water. The Cardinals were the first team to clinch in the NL, and finished the regular season a paltry 1 and 9, and seemed without life in the series. No meaningful games down the stretch. No success in the playoffs?

Ok, in reality, it doesn’t help when your team goes 4 for 30 (.133) with runners in scoring position. I was under the impression that the acquisitions of Holliday and Mark DeRosa were supposed to cure that ill? Nope.

The early exit by the Cardinals this year, by the Cubs last year, does beg a question. Why is the first round a best of 5? I realized part of the answer as I was typing the question, since the Rockies and Phillies were SNOWED out in Denver. But come on, why give a team an advantage in the first round that otherwise (as the Dodgers proved against the Phils last year) may not advance? The answer my friends may be as difficult to figure out as “how many licks it takes to the get to the center of a tootsie roll tootsie pop”. Crunch.

In thinking it over, I can’t really say that I’m sorry LaRussa and company are gone. So, congratulations to the Dodgers, who now have to wait out the winner of the Phillies and Rockies series.

I do feel sorry for Mark DeRosa, who has now been swept out of the playoffs in the first round, 3 consecutive years (2007, 2008 Cubs; 2009 Cardinals). He’ll be a much sought after free agent this off season.

Cuzzi didn’t see it…

Kudos to Left Field line umpire Phil Cuzzi for keeping up the fine tradition of umpiring we’ve seen all year long. With the play right in front of him and the ball a) tipping off the glove of Melky Cabrera heading toward the line, and b) clearly falling fair regardless, Cuzzi blew it. What would have been a double for Joe Mauer turned into a single, and although the outcome of the game may or may not have been affected, I certainly think it was.

Why have the extra ump, if he’s going to get “screened”, which was the excuse given. Screened by what exactly? Still trying to figure that one out.

Random musings…

Just a hunch, but get ready (and sooner rather than later) get ready for Angels/Yankees in the 2nd round of the AL Playoffs. It’s really about time that the Angels solve the Red Sox anyway. Angels/Yankees could prove to be a great series.

Corey Brock of is working the playoffs this year too. He’s on the Phillies and Rockies series, so check out his always stellar reporting on Poor guy has been under the weather and now he’s stuck in cold and snowy Denver for another night. Hope he didn’t have to DIG out at all! Feel better Corey!

Andy Awards fallout…

Glad many of you enjoyed my Padres post season awards entry the other day. Got some good response from readers both agreeing with and arguing their case for another player. Good healthy responses and I really appreciate them. The one sentiment we all have is, a much better 2010 for the Pesky Padres!

Alright, brain is fried, watched hours of college football today, followed by wait for it…coverage of the President’s Cup (I love golf). Loved the argyle sweater look for team USA. Then watched my beloved Chicago Blackhawks beat the Avalanche in a shootout, thanks to the free preview of NHL Center Ice. It’s been a full sports day, and more to come tomorrow with the NFL!

Comments are always welcome, and again I thank you for reading…


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  1. Hi Andy! Good remarks (and amusing) on the Cardinals-Dodgers series. I bet few people expected the Cards would fold so easily! Liked your awards choices, and so glad you found a prominent place for David Eckstein. He made a difference to this team not necessarily shown by stats. Also glad you mentioned Joe Thatcher, who improved so much. Cheers and carry on!