Saturday, October 24, 2009

Game 6 Maybe?

The Angels stayed alive. It wasn't pretty but it was effective. If the Angels had lost, Mike Scioscia would have left himself open to a ton of criticism. From removing John Lackey in the 7th, to walking the potential tying run, Alex Rodriguez, intentionally in the 9th to face Hidecki Matsui. But it all worked out. The last move to me was the most curious. Scioscia was basically saying, we don't want A-Rod to tie the game, so I'll walk him to bring the go-ahead run to the plate. Interesting move to say the least. So the Angels live to see another game.

Not a good forecast in New York for tonight's game 6 of the ALCS. The Yankees certainly want to play, leading the series 3-2 over the Angels. Joe Saunders takes the ball for the Angels, facing playoff veteran Andy Pettitte. Now, Joe Girardi will have a decision to make if this game is rained out. Will he bring back CC Sabathia in a re-scheduled game 6 to try and close it out, knowing that Pettitte would be available to work a game 7 on an extra days rest? Worth paying attention to in my opinion.

New GM?
It's being widely reported in several online publications that Jed Hoyer will be the new Padres GM. There is nothing official from the team on this, so it's still speculation at this point. Hoyer has been the Assistant GM in Boston. I'll certainly let you know, via this space, twitter or my Facebook account once this move, or a different move becomes official.

They're back...
Bud Black will have his entire coaching staff back for the 2010 season. The only possible exception is Randy Ready. He interviewed for the vacant managerial opening in Houston last week. Ted Simmons, Glenn Hoffman, Rick Renteria, Darren Balsley, and Darrel Akerfelds are set to return for the upcoming season. These are very good coaches, and very good people. To me, each proved what they were made of this season, working with a very inexperienced bunch. Some managers, and coaches have a hard time dealing with young players, but not this staff. Guys, looking forward to working with you again in 2010. Wow that even rhymes.

It's Getting Ugly in LA...
Frank and Jamie McCourt's impending divorce took an interesting twist, with Frank, firing Jamie as the team's CEO. Mr. McCourt held meetings today with his GM, Ned Coletti and manager Joe Torre as they look forward to 2010. Coletti doesn't expect there to be any cutbacks to the payroll as he prepares for next season.

Lakers hoop it up in America's Finest City...
While out on the town tonight, I glanced at one of the TV's and saw a shot of the San Diego Sports Arena, as it played host to an NBA Pre-Season game for the Lakers. Denver won the game 119-105. Pretty cool though to see the NBA again in SD.

NFL Fines Ochocinco...
Watch out Chad Ochocinco the NFL is cracking down on you. Not for "tweeting", or for running your mouth, but for wearing the wrong colored chin strap. Yes, you heard me, the Bengals receiver will have to cough up $10,000 for wearing a black chin strap last week instead of white. The NFL's uniform police routinely had out these silly fines, for showing too much sock, or not enough, and even for the wrong colored towel hanging from uniform pants. In the words of Chad himself, "child please".

Good friends...
On a personal note, while vacationing this week, I had a chance tonight to catch up with five very good friends. I've known these guys in some cases, for 37 years, and others since the start of high school. I feel fortunate to have these type of people in my life. Guys it was great reliving the 'glory days' and it's always great to see you, make sure you visit me in SD soon.

That's it for tonight, I'm actually dog sitting for my brother now...and the pooch needs to go outside...



  1. Last night's game was the first time I've ever been seriously upset with a managerial decision made by Mike Scioscia. Yes, he was lucky they ended up winning!

    Your complaints about the umpires (which many of us share) led me to read that, for the upcoming World Series, MLB is returning to using the most experienced umpires and not rotating them like they did in these games. Hope it's true.

  2. The difference after R Ready became hitting coach was quite apparent -- I wish him much success but having him back in 2010 would be good too.