Sunday, January 13, 2013

Twitter a better viewing experience...

Ok, I love the NFL just like a lot of you out there, but admit it, the playoffs are tough to watch when your team isn't there.  Yes, it's great football, but it gets you thinking, "man if the (insert team name here) just kicked the field goal instead of going for it....." or "(your favorite team here) beat those guys in the regular season...."  It's maddening.  

Now, I will admit, the Falcons and Seahawks game was entertaining, but I could really care less which team won.  So I turned to Twitter, yes Twitter.  While the social media service does have it's faults, it serves it's purpose during big events.  I was hooked during the National Championship game, and even partook in some of the fun.  Twitter makes it seem like you are all in my living room watching the game with me.  Wise cracking comments, keen observations, rips on the announcers (ok that hits home a bit), rips on the coverage from the networks and more importantly just funny funny stuff.  I've assembled some of my favorites from the NFC Divisional round...

Wayne is the play by play voice of the Packers, so you can understand his sarcasm.

Excellent "Ace Ventura" reference there Matt!

Sorry Wayne!


Go get em Jay!

Oops, that one had nothing to do with the game, but I'm a HUGE Seinfeld fan, and these make me laugh all the time!

So there's a little light reading for you during the AFC Division game between New England and Houston.  

I may return later, but I will definitely be watching, on TWITTER!


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