Tuesday, January 8, 2013

National Championship Bore...and more....

After a month of hype, the BCS National Championship game failed to live up to the advanced billing.  It wasn't because of the matchup, because on paper it was a good one.  It was because it became a BLOWOUT.  

Alabama rolled, and rolled and rolled, putting the rock in the endzone at a frenzied pace.  Notre Dame didn't know what hit it, leading head coach Brian Kelly to perhaps hope The Crimson Tide team didn't return to the field for the 2nd half.  Wishful thinking.  They did, and Alabama wins it's 3rd national title in the last four seasons.  

Ok, enough about the game.  There was so much more happening.  I discovered that the cure for a blowout, is among other things, Twitter.  Reading all the tweets, and sending a few of my own, made watching an otherwise boring game almost fun. I'm convinced, as are some in the "Twitterverse", that this is the reason Twitter was invented.  Especially when it came to AJ McCarron's girlfriend.  Play by play man Brent Musburger almost crossed the "creepy old man line" when identifying the QB's young lady, Miss Alabama Katherine Webb.  Imagine, just 5 or so years ago, we'd never know that her followers went from just over 500 to nearly 80-thousand in one night!  I admit, I contributed, when ESPN's cameras found Miss Webb yet again!

I mean she's a good looking girl and all, but I felt a bit dirty listening to Brent drone on and on about her.  


I couldn't help but think though as Musburger was doing his thing, about a lesson I learned as a young broadcaster.  Good games basically call themselves, a bad game, means the announcers have to really go to work.  As a play by play announcer you have to find a way to keep the audience.  Keep them listening and somewhat paying attention.  This is when the announcer really earns their money.  We all kept watching, so, job well done.  

USD Toreros

My off season has been all about the USD Toreros.  I'm in my 6th season of calling Torero's basketball, and I'm having a blast as always.  Our games are back on The Mighty 1090 this season, so make sure you tune in.   My next broadcast is coming up Thursday night from San Francisco.  Pre game at 6:45 and the tip is at 7pm.  
The Toreros opened up WCC play with a win over Portland last Thursday night, while the Dons are 0-2 after losses to Santa Clara and BYU. 

Parting shots

- For those that missed it last week, the Padres announced that FanFest will return to Petco Park, February 9.  The event is free to the public.  Further details will be available soon and I'll pass them along. 

- The team also announced that they've extended spring training invitations to 21 players.  Some names are familiar, some are not.  Read more about it here.

- I may be alone in thinking this way in San Diego, but I'm glad that the NHL lockout has finally come to an end.  I don't understand how Gary Bettman remains commissioner though. How do you survive 3 different lockouts?  I understand that there are just a few of us 'die hard' hockey fans out there, but those of us that are, deserve better.  Baseball survived the 1994 players strike, because it was popular before the work stoppage.  It's a National Pastime.  Hockey isn't, unless you live in Canada.  Hockey had begun to grow again, especially in American cities, like Chicago, Boston and now Los Angeles, with recent Stanley Cup Championships.  Anyway, welcome back NHL.  

- Oh yeah, before I forget.  Anybody know how to get mustard stains out of light colored carpet.  I've tried all the store bought brands of carpet cleaner.  Nothing is working.  Help!!

Good night!!

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  1. Can't wait to hear you guys on the radio in a few months!

  2. Andy,

    Glad the NHL came to its senses and will at least put together a partial season. Came a bit too late for those of us who work the games in tv land (I'll get at least Feb and March before Padres kick in). And yes, why the heck is Bettman still in the commish seat? Man has been behind 3 lockouts (not player strikes mind you). Gonna take a very long time to recover the casual fan base in the not-so-hockey crazed areas of the U.S.