Monday, December 14, 2009

Random Sunday Musings...

Lots of thoughts running through my head tonight, from baseball to basketball to hockey, football and travel...

Let's start with football if you don't mind.  I was thankfully flying when my hometown Bears were losing to the hated Green Bay Packers, on another great day for Jay Cutler (Charger fans warned me), and head coach Lovie Smith.  Ugh, who calls a time out with the other team facing a 4th and short, to allow THEM to get their stuff together, and get a crucial first down?  The answer: LOVIE.  There should be a "help wanted" sign outside Soldier Field at the end of this year.

Now to my adopted hometown team, the Chargers.  Got home in time to watch the entire game on TV, and again I was totally impressed.  I said it when this blog first started, that I would take Phillip Rivers as my QB any day of the week and twice on Sunday's.  Let me amend that to 3 times on Sunday's.  I'm amazed at his arm strength, and his ability to thread the needle on his long distance passing.  He plays to the strength of the offense as well, tall receivers, that can go up and get it.  Good combination.  Throw in a sure fire hall of fame running back who is hitting stride, and a hall of fame caliber tight end, is there anything this offense can't do?

Against the Cowboys, give some props to Ron Rivera's defensive unit.  Pressure on Tony Romo, and a huge goal line stand really set the tone for the entire game.  Tim Dobbins, Brandon Siler, Ian Scott,  and Luis Castillo had a big hand in stopping Marion Barber at the goal line to swing the momentum.  Great win by the Chargers who win for the 8th straight time, and 16th straight time in December.  Just think, if the Chargers weren't like slow starter Kevin Kouzmanoff, think where they might be now?

It's college hoops time now.  Was in Boise, Idaho with the Toreros this weekend, and USD came away with a huge victory, on the road 59-56 over the Broncos.  This team needed this win, and badly.  The victory snapped that 5 game losing skid, and more importantly gets the Toreros back on track for next weekend's games in Las Vegas, against Southern Illinois (Saturday 4pm on San Diego 1700) and South Florida (Sunday at 1:45pm on XX1090).  Roberto Mafra played perhaps his best game with the school, scoring his first career double, double, with 14 points and 12 rebounds in the win.  I was impressed that the team was able to rally from a lackluster first half, to slow the tempo, work the ball around, play great defense and sound team basketball.  Huge win indeed.

SDSU got themselves a big win this weekend as well a home win over Arizona.  I like what I see from Steve Fisher's bunch.  They impressed me with their athleticism and length.  They can rush it up the floor, and really shoot it well.  If they start coming together as a team, look out Mountain West Conference.

Glad to hear that the Padres and Kevin Correia were able to come to terms on a deal.  It would really have been a shame for him to be pitching somewhere else.  Not that it still can't happen in a 'sign and trade' scenario, but it appears that Correia will be in Buddy Black's rotation for 2010.  That's one less hole to fill this off season.   Correia won 12 games last year, including a complete game shut out at Arizona in September.

The team non-tendered Mark Worrell, who never pitched in a big league game for the Padres.  He was supposed to be the main ingredient in the Khalil Greene trade, but underwent "Tommy John" surgery in March and was lost for the season.  Of course the "player to be named later" in that trade proved his worth, Luke Gregerson struck out 93 hitters this season as a mainstay in the bullpen for the Padres.

Alright, I know a lot of folks in San Diego, have no interest in the NHL, but some do and this is for them.  I grew up around the NHL, in an original six city, going to Blackhawks games with my dad at the old Chicago Stadium and more recently with my brother at the United Center.  I'm jacked about the Hawks this year.  I watched their game against Tampa Bay tonight on the NHL Center Ice Package (I actually made the purchase) and again was impressed.  Their penalty killing and power play units were dominant again tonight.  Back up goalie Antti Niemi recorded his 3rd shutout in 7 starts this season, while Marian Hossa, Patrick Kane, Jonathan Toews (pronounced Taves) and Ben Eager scored the goals.  Hockey is an awesome sport to watch in HD, or in person.  With the Kings and Ducks playing just up the road, go check out a game, you won't be sorry.

Fresh off my trip to Boise, Idaho with the USD Toreros, I've discovered what a hassle airline travel has become.  High prices, no meals, no extras and just a lot of attitude.  It's bad enough that most airlines have decided it's a good idea to charge to check in baggage ($40 bucks for two bags on Alaska Airlines), but what's with the attitude?  The person checking in my radio equipment today, figured that since it wasn't her bag, she could just chuck it onto the conveyor belt.  What's up with that?  Seriously?  Do you have to THROW it on the belt?  Do you have NO regard for OTHER people's stuff?  Mine wasn't the only bag that received this treatment.  Come on people you are BETTER than that!

Even flight attendants are getting less and less friendly.  They have little patience for people, getting on the plane or getting off the plane.  Fake it.  At least make me think that you really appreciate my business.  Oh well.  What can you do?

Alright that's it, I hope you had a great weekend, and have a great week ahead.  Happy Hanukkah to all those celebrating and the best to all this holiday season!  More later...



  1. You think the Padres will sign Worrell to a minor league deal?

  2. SDSU-

    That is a possibility, not sure how real a possibility, but it's always an option.

  3. Nice job Andy, Attitudes galore! I would be more than happy if we, Padres, started season with no changes! Kouz will figure it out this year! Go Bolts and long live the Gulls!