Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Blockbuster Deal Done...

WOW!  This is what I call a blockbuster deal.  The 4 team deal is complete, and the Phillies acquire a former Cy Young winner in Roy Halladay, for another former Cy Young winner, Cliff Lee.  Here's the particulars...

Toronto sent Halladay and $6 million to the Phillies for three minor leaguers: catcher Travis d'Arnaud, right-hander Kyle Drabek and outfielder Michael Taylor.

Philadelphia dealt Lee to Seattle for three prospects: right-hander Phillippe Aumont, outfielder Tyson Gillies and right-hander Juan Ramirez.

Toronto flipped Taylor to the Athletics for third baseman Brett Wallace.

It's difficult enough to make a trade between two teams, let alone involving 4 in a blockbuster.  Interesting to see now what the Mariners do with Lee.  He will make some serious money this year and is a free agent at the end of the season.  The Phillies to me, get one of the more under the radar (pitching in Canada will do that for you) pitchers and one of the best pitchers in all of baseball.  They did give up a lot to get him, but Kyle Drabek is a prospect.  He's never pitched in the big leagues.  Sometimes you have to sacrifice a little of tomorrow to compete today.  

Lackey, Cameron in Boston, will Adrian Gonzalez join them?
There seems to be a lot of talk now about the moves being made in Boston.  Are they a set up for something bigger involving the Padres and Adrian Gonzalez?  The case can certainly be made.  Mike Cameron is not a left fielder.  Plus asking a CF to play LF in Fenway Park is asking him to do something.  It's a tricky position with the Green Monster right behind you, and close to the plate.  The moves made by acquiring John Lackey (free agent, LAA) and Cameron, certainly frees up some other names on the Boston roster to be dealt.  Jacoby Ellsbury and Clay Buchholz can certainly be had, but if the Padres are going to make a deal for a young power hitter like Gonzalez, you need to get hard throwing Daniel Bard as well.  Some of the particulars may still be unclear.  Several reports indicate that the Red Sox may also throw in a catcher they acquire from the Rangers, in the Mike Lowell proposal, but that hasn't officially happened yet.  As indicated previously, if the Padres are going to trade Gonzalez, it's going to have to be in a deal that makes baseball sense.  A king's ransom will be required, and not just prospects like in the Jake Peavy deal last July.  The team will want Major League ready talent to fill immediate needs and if the names being reported are true, these are players that can contribute right away. This one is worth watching. (Vote on whether or not Adrian will start the season with the Padres or not on this blog)

MLB to do away with the DH?
Commissioner Bud Selig has formed his own version of a "competition committee", much like the NFL. The 14 members include 4 managers, 4 current or former GM's, 4 ownership reps, Hall of Fame player Frank Robinson, and noted columnist George Will.   The "advisory" committee will analyze ways of improving Major League baseball on the field.  Their first meeting will be this January in the Phoenix area.

One hot button issue is the use of the DH.  This debate could become a little more than that if several on the committee get their way. The American League has used the Designated Hitter for the last 37 seasons, and the NL has never seriously considered adopting it.  The DH has been good for the players, prolonging the career of several popular hitters, like Frank Thomas, Jim Thome, Edgar Martinez, Dave Winfield, and Paul Molitor just to name a few.  But to me, it's a joke.  Why should one league have it and the other not have it or not even want it?  Can you imagine if the NFL decided that a 12th player could be used in AFC games and not NFC games?  Or if the NBA decided that a shot behind the arc counted for 4 points in a Western Conference game and not an Eastern Conference game?  Get rid of it. Make the game uniform.  I don't think that's the popular thought of the players, but from reading up on it, many in management both on and off the field, wouldn't mind seeing the DH go the way of baseball in Montreal.  Gone.  (tell me your thoughts, there is a poll on this blog getting your vote on whether to keep the DH or launch it)

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  1. Maybe it's just us elitist NL fans talking, but the DH is garbage. Why should the pitcher not have to play the whole game? The purpose of the DH was fulfilled long ago. Time to get rid of the DH, and forget about robot umpires and instant replay while we're at it.