Friday, April 12, 2013

Quentin and the aftermath

Last night was not a normal night at the ballpark.  Generally speaking there is an unwritten "code" that players stand by when it comes to the HBP.  Carlos Quentin felt that previous history and some "expletives" from Zach Greinke, meant it was time to go...

Quentin knows the game tipping point

The history I spoke of, was two HBP's when Quentin was with the White Sox and Greinke was on Kansas City.  Quentin felt that in the 2009 incident, Greinke threw at his head before nailing Quentin in the shoulder.  Carlos said it only hit the shoulder but was aimed towards his head. 

At the same time during his almost 10 minute session with the media today, Quentin said that the objective was certainly not to injure Greinke, and is sorry about the result of the brawl...

Quentin unfortunate situation the mound

He knows that these things are part of the game, but there certainly are drawbacks to the focus it puts on him...

Quentin brings unwanted attention

Quentin spoke of John Baker, who was accused by Jerry Hairston Junior of the Dodgers as causing the 2nd incident, by taunting Dodgers players about Greinke's misfortune.  Baker told me today that he feels "sick" about the finger being pointed at him.  Baker went on to tell me that he is one of the most positive people in the game, and that he was actually "the one pulling Greinke out of the pile to avoid what happened to him" and that "nobody knew how hurt he was".  

Back to Quentin, he knows that the Dodgers have been hyped this year as a top contender in the west, spending 140+ million on Greinke, and he also knows how he's being portrayed in the national media, as the villain...

Quentin on being villianized

What Quentin saw before his eyes as he left the ballpark last night was Dodgers outfielder Matt Kemp, the two had words and had to be separated.  Quentin talks about that incident as well...

Quentin w Kemp it at that

Clayton Richard and ballpark security broke up the heated chat before it escalated any further.  Of course if you look at your schedule you plainly notice that the Padres will be in Los Angeles on Monday to start a three game series.  We may learn of the punishments as early as today.  If Quentin is suspended (and he likely will be) will he appeal and decide to play in the series, or will he just accept what comes his way and be done with it?   Buddy Black was pressed by the media to wonder, if Quentin is able to play, will there be another incident.  Buddy said, "I suspect we'll play those games there (LA) and there might be no incidents at all".   As we say in the radio business, Stay Tuned.

Other News:
Padres 3B, Chase Headley is going to start his rehab assignment tonight at Lake Elsinore.  He's expected to get a few at bats as the DH tonight.  Headley will then return to San Diego, as it's his bobble-head night tomorrow and he will receive his Silver Slugger and Gold Glove awards in a pre game ceremony.  Headley then is expected to play the field for the Storm Sunday and then be evaluated.  Bud Black was asked if we could see Headley active in Los Angeles, "that would be cutting it close...but I won't rule it out".

Padres made a roster move today, they have selected the contract of RHP Thad Weber from Triple-A Tucson and have designated infielder Cody Ransom for assignment.  Weber was added to provide a fresh arm in the bullpen which has been taxed by some short outings in the starting rotation. Wber was claimed off waivers by the Padres from the Detroit Tigers last season. 

MLB just announced (6:48PM PDT) that Carlos Quentin has been suspended for 8 games, and Jerry Hairston Jr was suspended 1 game.  Each was fined.  Both players have appealed.  No word on a suspension for Matt Kemp.  MLB must still be looking at the tape and gathering information about the incident that took place in the hallway after the game. 

Alright that's a lot to digest.  Enjoy the night.


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