Monday, October 12, 2009

Bonus Blog....

Just finished watching the Phillies and the Rockies game, and true to form, an exciting game played at Coors Field. Brad Lidge made it interesting of course, but get's Tulowitzki to pop out to end it.

I hate to keep doing this, but the umpires once again decided this game. In the 9th, both Jerry Meals and Ron Kulpa blew the same play. Chase Utley at the plate, he swings, the ball spins funny, hits him in the shin (in the batters box) then appears to roll up his arm into fair territory. He runs. Huston Street's throw to 1st appears to pull Todd Helton off the bag at first. Upon further review (from my eyes) Helton scraped the bag with his shoe top. 0 for 2 for the umps on that one. Not a shock. The TBS (only on HD) Pitch Trax is also exposing these umps, for their lack of consistency in calling strikes. Will something be done?

Overall, even though three of the four division series resulted in sweeps, I think the games have been exciting. Lots of drama, and "game within the game" stuff. That is why I say, baseball is the best game going. There is strategy on every single play. Pitch selection, swing or take, take the extra base and so on and so on...

Ok, that's it for me tonight, my eyes are bloodshot. I seriously took about a 1 hour break earlier this evening, because I was getting fried. I watched the Red Sox/Angels starting around 9:30 this morning and now, am wrapping it up with the Rockies/Phillies.

Good night all...



  1. I think MLB should allow like 2 instant replay reviews per team and game...not counting the homeruns.

    Again today in Game 4 between the Phillies and Rockies Victorino was clearly out on the TV replay and yet the ump called it safe.

    If that doesn't work for MLB then maybe complimentary eye exams for all the umps!

  2. Far too many games are decided by the umpires instead of the play on the field.

    Its time for instant replay for all plays. Give the managers 3 calls they can challenge in each a game.

    Even if they use all of them, it wont add more than 12 minutes to the games.

    Its worth it to preserve the integrity of the game with the state of the officiating today.