Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Posting from Peoria 3.20.13

Ok, it's been too long since my last post.  I apologize to those that check my blog only to see that nothing has been written or posted in months.  Sometimes you just don't feel it, nothing rubs you the wrong way, no breaking news, or I'm just lazy.  It's a little bit of "all of the above". 

Anyway, enough about that, here are some random observations from my brief time at Padres camp so far...

Jedd Gyorko
I'm really impressed by this kid.  He has a great attitude toward making the switch from 3B to 2B in an effort to contribute to the big league club.  Gyorko can hit. I mean flat out rake. That's never been the issue, it's been defense.  Is he going to be a "plus" defender at second, probably not.  He won't be a guy he's been compared to, Dan Uggla, either.  He'll find a middle ground and be a dependable guy up the middle.  The versatility he has, will only help him, since he can play third if needed. 

He told me in the clubhouse the other day that he's been really working hard with infield coach Glenn Hoffman, picking Hoffy's brain about where to play hitters and how to get a better jump on the ball off the bat.  Gyorko said that at third "it's all reaction and using my body to get in front of a ball and then using my arm to get the guy at first base.  Second base is all about positioning and where you play a hitter to make it easier to get to the ball quickly"

I think fans are really going to like Gyorko. 

Carlos Quentin
I know that there is panic in "mudville" over the availability of the left fielder this season, but I know one guy that isn't in that state, Carlos Quentin.  The San Diego native went on a rigid off season diet and exercise program to take a little pressure off his surgically repaired knee. 

He has "technically" not appeared in an "A" game, although he did get two plate appearances in a game washed out by rain.  He told me that "if this was five or six years ago, I would be concerned (over not playing yet), but now, it's such a long season, and everybody goes thru ups and downs, there's no guarantee that with 20 at bats I'd start the season hot.  I just want to get to the point where I feel comfortable in the box and go from there."  

Q will play the field in a minor league game today and will hopefully be back in the "A" games shortly. 

Chase Headley
What an unfortunate turn of events for the Padres third baseman.  He broke the tip of his left thumb sliding into second base Sunday, in an effort to break up a double play.  Headley will be out anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks.  He was pragmatic about the situation saying, "obviously not the way I'd hope to start the season, but injuries are part of the game...". Headley said he is going to stay in shape and then when it's "go" time he'll be ready. It could have been a whole lot worse though, the injury didn't affect any tendons or ligaments which would have required surgery.

Just a few thoughts, must get ready for the web broadcast of today's game against the Giants in Peoria. I'll have the call on so please join me.

Take it easy!

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