Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Random Musings...

To this point, there's been no huge news coming out of the GM meetings in Chicago, so I figured, I'd spout off about a few things...

Good as Gold?
Tomorrow we find out about the NL Gold Glove winners, and no doubt the Padres have two and maybe 3 legitimate candidates for the award.  It's hard to figure though, since this award sometimes gets based on reputation, and yes, even offense.  That makes no sense but it's true.  Ok, back to the SD candidates...

Let's start with the obvious, and that's Adrian Gonzalez.  He would win the award at 1B in back to back seasons.  It seems as though, once you break through, you are in real consideration every year.  He has the offensive numbers to back up the award as well.  He fielded .995 this season, which was tied for fourth in the NL.

Now, the guy that should walk away with the Gold Glove at third base, Kevin Kouzmanoff.  The question is will he?  If I had a vote, it would go to Kouz with no questions asked.  Watching him play the field this year was a true pleasure.  Plus I know how hard he works at his craft.  He is out well before batting practice taking grounders from infield coach, Glenn Hoffman, pretty much every day.  Kouz had the highest fielding percentage in the NL, and set a record for a single season, fielding .990 at the hot corner.  Now, will he win it?  I think that the award will somehow elude Kouz, and go to Nationals 3B, Ryan Zimmerman.  I don't like to say that, and certainly hope I'm wrong.  Here's where reputation and offense will come into play.  Ridiculous, I know.  Let's see how it works out.

Also in consideration is Mr. Steady, David Eckstein, who made a league fewest 2 errors all season, and fielded .997.  Will he beat out the rest of the field?  Let's wait and find out.  He should win it though, again having benefit of watching every game he's played as a Padre, his range is underrated, and his saving some of the young pitchers with the ability to turn double plays goes unnoticed too.

Revisit Replay?
Baseball's GM's did not take a vote on a chance to expand the use of instant replay after a season and post-season filled with horrible calls by umpires.  I find this to be a shame.  I realize that it's an uphill fight, since the man in charge, Bud Selig, sees no reason to expand the current replay system, but come on.  Either improve the replay system, or improve the umpiring.  There are guys out there on the field that display the body language, of "why am I here, do I really need to do this" and others look to pick fights and are so confrontational that it's disgusting.  Mr. Selig, please do one or the other, PLEASE!

Will less $ = more deals?
Several teams have already indicated that they will not be big players in the free agent market, due to the economy and some of the big pay days that may be due to some of the top free agents.  My thinking is there will be more trades to try and improve clubs, rather than big money free agent signings.  Of course the big market teams like the Yankees, Red Sox, Dodgers and others may buck that trend, but for the most part we may be looking at a much busier trade market when the teams get together in Indianapolis for the Winter Meetings next month.  Just a thought.

Scully not silenced...
Dodgers long time play by play announcer Vin Scully may not walk away after next year as previously thought.  Scully turns 82 soon, and made some statements in July that indicated he would be done after 2010.  He immediately regretted those statements saying he still loves what he does and is leaving the door open for 2011 and beyond.  Folks, this is a quality human being, not just a great announcer, but a great person.  Scully is so friendly, and is always in a good mood.  And why not?  He's been with the Dodgers forever and like me, gets paid to watch baseball games for a living.  I hope he keeps going as long as he wants.

Don't forget, USD opens up it's season against Stanford at the Jenny Craig Pavilion, Friday night.  It's a young team, with a lot of potential, and some more athleticism than last year's team.  Brandon Johnson and De'Jon Jackson are back and will try to lead the youngsters to a great season.  Hope you can join us at the JCP, and if not, I'll have the call on XX1090, starting at 6:45 Friday night.

Alright, have a great day!


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