Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Bouncing In The Bronx...

New stadium, same old result, the Yankees are the champions of baseball again. For the 27th time in the storied history of the franchise, the Yankees celebrate as World Champions. It's an unprecedented number, the most titles in American and for that matter North American sports.

The Yankees didn't hide the fact that they were going to throw money at this team, and go for broke. It PAID off in a big way. Bringing in CC Sabathia, AJ Burnett and Mark Teixeira cost plenty, ($423.5 million to be exact) but I'm sure that there is not a Steinbrenner alive that even cares a bit tonight. Combine the big money spent with the big game players this team has, like Andy Pettitte and his 18 playoff wins, Derek Jeter and his 170+ hits in post season, and 5 WS titles and Mariano Rivera, the greatest "post season" closer (Trevor is still the all time greatest and there's not an argument here) ever, is it really a surprise that this team won it all? I didn't even mention A-Rod, Jorge Posada and Johnny Damon.

Let's talk about Joe Girardi for a minute. He won 3 titles as a Yankee catcher, now he gets his first as a manager. I couldn't be happier for a classy guy, who deserves to win it all. Girardi took his lumps last year, and even this year there was plenty of second guessing, but now, #27 helped the Yankees to #27 and has another ring to celebrate. Girardi was able to win the title with a 3 man rotation. Give the former catcher a little credit for being able to get his pitchers ready to go on short rest and in big games. He actually started to think about a 3 man rotation in September when the Yanks had several off days in the month and a comfortable lead in the division. He rested starters in the regular season, to get them ready for the big stage. Congratulations Joe on a job well done.

Hideki Matsui was named the World Series MVP. He solidified his hold on the trophy with a 6 RBI game tonight, joining Bobby Richardson another Yankee, who did it in the 1960 WS against the Pirates. Matsui could be one of the first MVP's of a World Series, not to be back with the team in which he won the award. He's a free agent, and it's not likely that the Yankees will bring him back.

Random series musings...
George Steinbrenner must be in really bad shape, he was noticeably absent in New York tonight. Love him, or hate him, it's the 7th title for the Yankees since he bought the team in 1973.

Couldn't help but chuckle a little, when I saw former Padre Chad Gaudin on the field celebrating a title with the Yankees. Think about his 2009...cut by the Cubs in spring training, signed by the Padres, sent to the minors to build arm strength, in the rotation, then traded to New York. Congrats Chad!

On to the off-season...
Now starts the season that a lot of baseball fans really enjoy, the off season, and the start of the Hot Stove League. Baseball's GM's including the newest among them Padres GM, Jed Hoyer will be meeting in Chicago next week. Trades sometimes happen there, but more often groundwork for possible deals are set up, and then consummated at the Winter Meetings.

1 Gonzalez Gone...
It appears that we've seen the last of Edgar Gonzalez in a Padres uniform. The older brother of Adrian Gonzalez was outrighted to Triple A Portland today, and will likely choose free agency instead of his minor league assignment. He talked to the Union Tribune today...
“I think this is the end of my run here,” Gonzalez said. “I love San Diego. And the Padres gave me an opportunity that I'm thankful for. But my future is probably elsewhere.”
Edgar hit a total of 11 homers in just under 500 total at bats with the Padres. He made his big league debut with his hometown team in May of 2008. Gonzalez missed 46 games after being beaned by Colorado's Jason Hammel. The next day the Padres acquired Oscar Salazar. I'm going to miss Edgar. He is a great person, and a lot of fun to talk to on a daily basis. Edgar really appreciated every day in the big leagues, and it showed. Good luck Edgar.

Other notes...
Dodgers' pitcher Vicente Padilla was accidentally shot today at a target range in Nicaragua. He's recovering from a gunshot wound to the leg after the instructor shot him after Padilla's gun jammed. He went 4-0 with the Dodgers over the final 2 months of the season.

Getting there is NOT half the fun...
Ok, as promised the story of my long night in the air and on the road. I boarded a plane at Chicago's Midway Airport, bound for San Diego at 7:30 central time. The flight was supposed to land at Lindbergh Field at 10:00 pacific time. The key words are supposed to. We were informed before leaving that there was fog rolling in and that we could be delayed on the ground. Nope. The flight took off and with about 25 minutes left in it, the captain came over the speakers saying, that the fog was too thick in San Diego, and since Lindbergh has only one runway, more visibility is needed to land there than anywhere. Ok. With that we were off to lovely (no offense to anyone from there...) Ontario, California. After landing we were given bright green boarding passes, our "ticket" for the bus ride home to San Diego. After retrieving my luggage (from the wrong carousel) it was outside to wait in a long, long, long, long line to get on the bus.

I find that you learn a lot about human's in general when the chips are down. Me being the social sort, befriended a couple of people in line. We tried to rent a car, but the airport terminals closed and we couldn't. So we waited. Finally it was our turn to get on the bus and begin the 2 plus hour journey down the 15. Thankfully the two people I met were great. We passed the time talking about a bunch of different subjects, including the World Series, world travel, the internet and it's affect on society, and how SLOWLY the bus driver was going! I want to thank those two folks, for being so cool, and making a bad situation tolerable.

Again to revisit, supposed arrival time in San Diego, 10pm, actual arrival time, 1:27am. Ouch.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it. Have a great night, and stay tuned to this blog for all the latest on the Padres off-season news and the latest on the USD Toreros!


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  1. Andy, hence the reason why when traveling from the East Coast and the Midwest, you ALWAYS travel during the middle of the day. Especially during the Spring and Fall seasons! This from a guy that used to work at Lindberg and had to wait during the fog delays for those coming to SD.