Sunday, April 9, 2017

MLB Power Rankings April 9, 2017


Well, we are a week into the new baseball season and I figured I would start ranking the teams from 1-30 from time to time (I’ll try to do it weekly).  Hard to do this after only a week, but here goes…(LW indicates Last Week's Ranking)

1.  Chicago Cubs                    LW: -                                                                        
As the defending World Series Champions get ready to raise the banner at Wrigley Field Monday night, the 4-2 start to the season, with all the games being on the road give them the early top spot.  Good pitching, and contributions from Jason Heyward are positive signs.

2.  Cleveland Indians              LW: -
3-3 record on early season is deceiving to me…swept Rangers, got swept by Arizona. Pen still solid.

3.  Los Angeles Dodgers        LW: -
Corey Seager showing he’s an MVP Candidate this season…Yasiel Puig is off to a great start.
Corey Seager

4.  Boston Red Sox                 LW: -
Still have great pitching, outfield defense and offense from Benintendi, Betts and Bradley makes them a threat.

5.  Colorado Rockies              LW: -
Surprise team of the early season?  No name pitching staff benefits from Bud Black.  Nolan Arenado is a stud.

6.  Houston Astros                 LW: -
Took 3 of four from Seattle to open the season.  Dallas Keuchel seems back on track. Young offense a plus.

7.  Washington Nationals       LW: -
Threatening to leave top 10 status after losing 2 of three to the Phillies.

8.  San Francisco Giants        LW: -
See above, but insert Padres for Phillies.  Madison Bumgarner out homering several teams by himself.
Madison Bumgarner

9.  St. Louis Cardinals            LW: -
Again see #7, then insert Reds for Phillies.  Yadier Molina and his sticky chest protector are just 2-4.

10. Seattle Mariners               LW: -
Giving them benefit of much doubt, after going  1-6 on the road

11. Baltimore Orioles            LW: -
Zach Britton converts 3 straight saves…O’s were one of the last undefeated teams in baseball.

12. Minnesota Twins             LW: -
Riding the Miguel Sano wave…2 HR and 8 RBI thru first six games.
Miguel Sano

13. New York Mets                LW: -
2-3 start to season, not a lot of offense early.

14. Arizona Diamondbacks    LW: -
Offense is clicking after first seven games at hitter friendly Chase Field. Greinke and Corbin holding down starting staff fort.

15. Detroit Tigers                  LW: -
Ian Kinsler picking up where he left off in WBC…Jordan Zimmermann wins his first game for the Tigers, trying to bounce back from last year.

16. Texas Rangers                 LW: -
Trouble brewing at the back end of the bullpen…closer Sam Dyson gave up 8 earned runs in two appearances.

17. Toronto Blue Jays           LW: -
Lost 3 of 4 to the Rays…danger of dropping out of top 20.

18. New York Yankees          LW: -
Gary Sanchez could be out for a bit, Greg Bird also is banged up.  Youth/rebuild still the plan.

19. Pittsburgh Pirates          LW: -
3 game sweep of Braves.  Starling Marte is taking over as face of the team.

20. Tampa Bay Rays             LW: -
Took 3 of four from Blue Jays…Steven Souza Jr off to a great start.

21. Chicago White Sox          LW: -
Up and down start to season. Still have Jose Quintana, but for how long. Geovany Soto off to a great start.

22. Kansas City Royals          LW: -
Won three of four from Astros.  Salvador Perez has four homers early.
Salvador Perez

23. Oakland A’s                     LW: -
Yonder Alonso hitting .389 early this season.

24.  Los Angeles Angels        LW: -
5-2, still not a believer. Mike Trout w/2 HR’s to lead Angels.

25. Miami Marlins                 LW: -
J.T. Realmuto a bright spot in early season.

26. Cincinnati Reds               LW: -
4-2 start v. Phillies and Cardinals.

27. Milwaukee Brewers        LW: -
Rebuild is underway in Milwaukee

28. Atlanta Braves                 LW: -
See above

29. Philadelphia Phillies       LW: -
Too early to tell

30. San Diego Padres          LW: -

Intriguing youth, but still far away.

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