Tuesday, February 4, 2014

10 Things I've Learned Living In San Diego....

Ok, so this Midwestern kid comes to San Diego, knowing nothing about So. Cal living, terms, events, scenery and libations.  Since I'm likely to be heading out of town at some point in the near future, I'll be blogging about some memories and making some lists!   So with apologies to David Letterman, here's today's Top 10 list...

Top 10 Things I've learned while in San Diego....

# 10.  Santa Anas the Marine Layer and the Coastal Eddy
Two weather phenomena's that I just used to call, fog, and dry winds.  We got a lot of fog in Chicago, just see the 1988 Fog Bowl between the Bears and the Eagles.  But living on the coast I came to know our good friend Coastal Eddy, where it can be socked in by the bay, and brightly sunny in Mission Valley.  Crazy.  I'm pretty sure the Marine Layer if not the same thing is a relative of ole' Coastal Eddy.   The Santa Ana's, or dry winds, were also a part of my new vocabulary living here. 

# 9. Red Flag warning
Well, the Santa Ana's directly lead to this other term I've gotten to know that I'd never heard of before coming here.  Red Flag Warning or conditions are conducive for fires.  We had fire drills in school, but it's a much more serious thing here.  Of course my first off-season in San Diego was 2007, when the entire county seemed like it was up in flames.  Definitely a scary situation. 

# 8. Earthquakes scare me
The first little earthquake I felt, was also in 2007, I had no idea what the hell was going on.  I was told to get into a door frame.  I was like, huh?  I remember being on a road trip with the Toreros, in the San Jose area, and feeling our hotel shake for what felt like a month.  I went to my iPad app, and saw it was a 3.8 located about 20 miles away.  Everyone made fun of me for even feeling one that small.  Ok.  Turn to 2010, when I felt not one, but two fairly large ones.  Getting ready to leave for the season opener in Arizona, we were at Petco Park and that's when the Easter Quake registered either a 6.9, or 7.2 in Mexicali.  I was with Warren Miller up in his office and we looked at each other (as two midwesterners) and wondered what to do.  Then later in 2010, during our broadcast of a June game against the Blue Jays, I felt the booth shake and said to Ted Leitner, "um, that's not me shaking this table Ted".  Yikes! 

# 7. It's A Freeway
Driving here became confusing to me, since I was used to driving on an "expressway" or a "highway", here they are FREEWAYS.  Oh and where I came from the roads had numbers, but also names, so to drive into Downtown Chicago from the burbs was a ride on the Edens, to the Kennedy to downtown.  Here you just simply put a "THE" in front of the number.  So it's THE 5, THE 805, THE 163, THE 52, THE 15 and so on.  I'm now ruined for any other city!
Where's the THE?

# 6. The trolley is useless
Who designed this thing?  A mass transit system that doesn't go to the airport?  Really?  Oh but I can go shopping down by the border, or go to Old Town? Come on San Diego you're better than that. 

# 5. Photos look really good here
I've really enjoyed taking pictures in San Diego. Favorite spots:  Cabrillo National Monument, Balboa Park, LaJolla Shores, Downtown, Coronado and Harbor Island.  I've taken some pretty cool pictures while living here, and it's been so much fun to explore new areas and snap some photos.   Recently I took my camera to Sunset Cliffs, and to the beaches of Del Mar. 

# 4. Beer is good food 
I attended a few of the San Diego Beer Weeks! 
I liked beer before I got to San Diego, but it seems that since I've been here for a little while now, I actually LOVE beer.  I do have to thank my buddy, Corey Brock (the resident Beer snob) and the guys at Padres and Pints, oh yeah you know who you are, for helping me appreciate the finer beers and the local brews.  I love supporting local breweries and will likely visit a few more before I relocate!

# 3. Petco is a great ballpark
My travels have taken me to many ballparks throughout my career, and Petco Park is in my top 5 for sure.  The only thing I'd change about the park, is to have one level that goes completely around Petco.  I remember when I'd have to use a series of ramps and elevators to get from the PressBox to the Fox Sports set out at the Park at the Park.  It took some maneuvering but I would eventually get there.   The Park at the Park is such a great feature, when my young nieces came for a visit, all they wanted to do was roll down the hill and get dipin' dots which could both be accomplished out there.  Great idea.

# 2. Respect for the military, appreciation
Thought about putting this number one, and perhaps it should be a 1, 1a situation.  Growing up in the suburbs of Chicago, we had a naval air base nearby, but I never really encountered any military personnel in my everyday life.  That changed here in San Diego, and changed to the extreme when I met Colonel Coleman.  Early in my life I never would have dreamed of thanking a solider, airman or officer for their service to our country.  Now it seems strange to allow any military person to pass me without acknowledging them and thanking them for what they do. Sunday's at Petco Park are something that I will truly miss, seeing the Marine Recruits in their uniforms, being saluted by the crowd always sent goosebumps up my spine.  To know that for that instant, between the top and bottom of the 4th inning, that everybody in the park is rooting for the same team is awe inspiring.  So again from the bottom of my heart to any who have or are serving this great country of ours, THANK YOU for protecting our liberties and for doing what you do.
Always gave me goosebumps

# 1.  Met some really great people
I know I mentioned many of you in my good bye blog, and I don't want to get into names again here, since I'll probably forget someone and feel badly about it.  I just wanted you to know again how much all of you mean to me.  Life gets difficult at times, and when it does it's great to have a tremendous support system, and thankfully I've had that here.  I hope I've been there for you as well, because friendship certainly is a 2-way street.

That's it for now, keep watching this space for updates on me, I'll let you know when I do, where I'm headed next. In the meantime, in regards to #5, enjoy some of my favorite pictures from San Diego over the years.  Oh and one other thing, if you're following me on Twitter, my handle has changed to@Andy_Masur1

Foggy Night Downtown
Southwest Non-stop to the Moon?

Del Mar Beach
From the Cabrillo National Monument 
Friday Night Fireworks at Petco Park  
Blue Moon 
Sunset over San Diego Bay 
Fly Like a Seagull to the Sea...


  1. You have a way with words. You should consider a broadcasting career. :) But seriously, wherever the road takes you next, I hope the good vibes of San Diego and SoCal go with you. Pack your flip flops. You never know when you might return.

  2. San Diego is a great place for photos -- your picture of the city with the billowing clouds overhead is spectacular!